Kolkata based Indian Jazz Fusion/Modern Jazz outfit “The Bodhisattwa Trio” has released their self-titled 3rd album, under the banner of Croatian Record Label Intek Music, thus making it a first-of-its-kind Indo Croatian venture. This album promises to take you on a sonic trip from Ambient Trip Hop to Industrial Drum-n-Bass to Contemporary Jazz, backed up by rhythmic foundations of Indian Classical music, parallelly driving the album conceptually towards the abstract, conflicting and grey areas of the human mind, hence “calling” it “The Grey Album”.

The trio, with Bodhisattwa Ghosh (Compositions,Guitar), Premjit Dutta (Drums) and Arunava Chatterjee (Keyboards & Synth Bass) delivers a sound that crosses over the barriers of genres and one that can only be termed as “unique”, with special emphasis on harmonic and rhythmic expansion, expressionism, theme and variation, virtuosity and spontaneous improvisation.

“The Grey Album” is now available worldwide.  Click Here to Listen


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